Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The newest character to join the cast

is this rather stick figure looking Mystic Oracle. Was she my own idea? Hardly. I shamelessly plead no-contest unoriginality, your Honor. I can think of a few fantastic fortune teller character props around; the talented Mr Macabre comes to mind immediately.

I'm really winging the process of building her body. Stuck a baggy sweatshirt on her and duct taped it to the chair- sloppy yes, but it will be well covered. Now I'm attempting to distribute crumpled newspaper through the shirt, and will cinch it by wrapping 'round with more duct tape. Then, in theory we sould be able to dress her, attach hands, head (originally Witch Gartilda, now known as Madame Gartilda), and mesh together with extra cloth mache at the neck and arms. Her legs will be fitted in later, how is yet to be determined. Oh, and her crystal ball?, it's a light fixture salvage from our powder room reno ha!

We spent last weekend trawling the V. V. Boutique (Value Village, for the gauche) looking for her ensemble. Scored some seriously stylin' threads for the seer set! Keep watch for her final reveal. :)

Shake it up, shake it down
Move it in, movie it round, disco lady....

MUCH beter :)

Tonight will be spent on her gnarly hands, which by the way, will be sculpted from Michael's Creative Paperclay knock-off, Artminds Clay Mache. It's sticky, and makes my hands smell like marshmallows in a bad way, and generally makes me cranky. Boo on you, Michael's!!


  1. Aw shucks, thanks for saying I'm talented!

    LOVE her face! The fright hair picture is awe-inspiring, kind of like mine when I wake up in the morning.

  2. Way to recycle that bathroom lamp! It makes the perfect crystal ball. I look forward to seeing your progress on this!

  3. Oh my word! Look at this!!! Eeeeeeeeek! I love this! You are one talented chickadee!!!