Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aw, shucks! :)

Big thanks to Holly's Horrorland for passing this lovely award my way!!

Guess it's time to reveal seven fascinating things about myself:

1) I daydream about surfing, but never actually have. I do own a prop surf board and several Ron Jon tee shirts which *officially* makes me a hodad.

2) Need to sleep more hours than a house cat to function like a normal human being.

3) Makeup artist by trade.

4) Everything I need to know, I learned from watching Spongebob.

5) Never had a taste nor tolerance for alcohol, but am a known tea addict. (always hot with milk and honey!)

6) Am incredibly lucky to married to the most kind hearted, smart, caring and decent human being in the world. And he's cute, too, really, REALLY cute.

7) Was just made fun of for winning the "Versatile Booger" award.

The best part about this is being able to give some love to 15 fantastic blogs. I'm happy to pass The Versatile Blogger award on to:

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