Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear January, you are almost over, and this year you have NOT stolen my Halloween mojo!

November really sunk my creative spirit. My grandfather, a truly great man, passed away at the age of 91... on Rememberance day no less. Then illness descended on our family just days after the funeral. Flu, bronchitis, colds, sinusitis, pink eye, you name it- one of us had it. I spent a solid three weeks unable to get out of bed.

No wonder I had a burning urge to get back to the studio after Christmas! The Monster Pit was overhauled for another year of projects. New shelving, lighting, extra electrical outlets (thanks, Honey Bun!!), and a full restock of materials really put the wind back in my haunting sails.

Because of all that lost time, I have been on the electronic computing machine much less these days (or rather, the ECM for us technology-ies), and productivity is ramping up. So, January, despite your arse-freezing -33C windchills of late, and the general malaise you usually bring, you have not won this year, oh no!!

Here's the first in a series I'm working on for the shop- yard haunt monster arms on stakes. His working name is Gruesome Grossman, and his belle, Ghoulia, is currently in progress. That reminds me, does anyone remember the Flintstones episode with the Gruesomes? Loved them! :D

Well, it's back to work! TTYL! :D


  1. Wow, that is great work. Wish I could say I was that motivated :) Thanks for the inspiration. I needed that.


  2. *squee!* Thanks a million... I was actually thinking to myself just today that I should mosey on over and pick up a couple of your dvd's to keep the juices flowing! :D

  3. Great work, the arms look amazing! Are they just mache?

  4. Thanks!!

    Yep they're paper mache with some armature wire in the fingers, a skin of cloth mache (big fan of this technique!), and polymer clay nails. :)

  5. Creepy, reminds me of The Grither from Tales from the Darkside!