Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ever have non-buyer's remorse?

You know, that thing you should have jumped on, but you stalled like a lame-brain, and someone beat you to the punch and NOW IT'S GONE FOREVER?  *deep breath* Yeah, this one is mine:

Just imagine this phantom fam strolling in the moonlight over the misty moors. :D
These remarkable costumes are from Reveries of Solace on Etsy. The attention to detail, quality and authenticity make these my fave Victorian ghostie pics period. She even nailed the hair and makeup. And really now, could those kids be any cuter?!

It's worth mentioning that this lovely lady also has other fabulous costumes currently available in her shop- the Absinthe Fairy and Hecate designs are especially gorgeous.

1 comment:

  1. My kind of stuff. Wish we could dress like this all the time.

    Victoria ☠