Saturday, February 12, 2011

Just in time for V-Day... it's Monster Matchmaker!

Scary in so... many... ways!!
My version would go something like this-

Welcome, fiends, it's time to play SCREAM-DATE DREAM-DATE!! I'm your host
Chet Creepman. Let's welcome...
Bachelor #1:
Likes: Eating puppies.
Dislikes: Wholesomeness. Spinach. Contact lenses
Ideal date: Long romantic walk through dark, foggy alleys.

Bachelor #2:
Likes: Tuna coladas and getting caught in the rain.
Dislikes: His neighbour Spongebob. Cats.
Ideal date: His-n-hers fish pedicures.

Bachelor #3:
Likes: Football. Giving massages.
Dislikes: Metalunans, toupees, and chinese finger puzzles.
Ideal date: Quiet night in, tour of his probulation pod.

Miss "X":
She is currently studying for her Early Childhood Education certification, and is a taste tester for Alpo dogfood in her spare time. She hopes to one day be a spokesmonster for Polident.
Who should she date? Vote now!   >>>>>>>>>

Thanks for playing. Until next time, this is Chet Creepman reminding you to stay spooky!

Scream-Date Dream-Date is filmed on location in front of an undead studio audience.

Prizes and promotional considerations have been furnished by Cold Stone Screamery, Boil of Olay Scale Conditioner and Bloody Fang Toothpaste. Crypt and water transportation provided by HearseCo.


  1. I'd not seen that before, thanks for the post. I enjoyed this. The last prizes and promotional considerations were funny. Long romantic walks through foggy alleys was pretty good too. Have an oogie boogie day.

  2. You're so welcome, HW, glad you enjoyed it! :)
    I'm always eager to see what new goodies you have around the corner for US!