Friday, October 28, 2011

Here Lies Harry Butt (fo' REAL!!!)

Probably bought myself a one way ticket to Hades for having giggle fits in a cemetary today. Harry Butt? Really?! What was his mom thinking!! Poor guy will probably die of embarassment.

Ladies, please use discretion when opting to hyphenate your surnames. It seems one of the Butts liked her maiden name enough to keep it, and became Butt-Brown after marriage, which is only marginally better than if she were a Brown-Butt.

This guy won the cool name lottery...

The entire Adams family (close enough hehe) is right beside 007!

This guy is VERY

All kidding aside, there were some truly gorgeous old monuments.  

This is such a wonderful example of the elegant Art Deco movement, and the epitaph is one of the loveliest, truest, and most touching I've ever read.

And of course, my favorites are always the decrepit gothic style Victorian era stones-

No better way to spend a late October afternoon. :)

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