Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Are you the Keymaster?

Picked up this length of fabric for Madame Gartilda's table cloth, and it hit me...

this would be PERFECT for a Dana Barrett costume!!!!

If only I could sew... and was leggy, and brunette, and crazy gorgeous. Oh well, table cloth it is!


  1. That fabric would be perfect for a Dana costume! I'm tempted to make this outfit, because I have two friends visiting for Halloween who will be wearing Ghostbuster costumes. They even made their own proton packs! The only thing is, I'd probably get cold wearing a light piece of fabric out on the town...

  2. LOL! Since we are having an 80s party this year....that would be an awesome costume!! Great idea!

    I am sure it will make an equally lovely tablecloth :)