Tuesday, August 23, 2011

For Madame Jen,

since I STILL can't post comments *sigh*...

The finials were made with the hot glue- sand cast method. I sculpted the original piece in polymer clay (just couldn't find a good one to use). Then the original was pressed in a slightly damp sand filled baking dish. Since I needed a bazillion of them, I tossed the glue gun aside and melted the glue sticks in a wrecked old pot, and carefully poured into the impression in the sand. While the glue was still warm, I imbedded a nail in the bottom, about halfway sticking out. The idea is that the fence 1x1's will be predrilled, and the nails will pop in for easy assembly. Trimmed the excess glue, added a coat of primer followed by black acrylic paint, and wah-la- done!

Hope you didn't mind me creeping in your garage! ;)


  1. Well good job. I've seen that method done before but great idea using an old pot for the masses.

    Why are you having trouble posting comments? I had trouble a few months back. Wonder if it's this... when you sign in uncheck the box that keeps you signed in. Hope that helps. :)

  2. Huh... okay, unchecked the box. Fingers crossed this works!

  3. WOOT! Madame Jen, you ROCK!!! :D

  4. They look fantastic! Great idea melting a whole bunch at one time!! Brilliant!