Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memo from the Makeup Dept:

This morning I had to root around for a comp card, and rediscovered a long lost treasure hidden in storage- this Fall 1999 issue of Makeup Artist Magazine...

 If you can find a back issue on the interwebs, I suggest you grab it at any cost! It features an outstanding thirteen page spread about the father of Universal monster makeup, the legendary Jack Pierce.

Arguably, his most iconic makeup was Frankenstein's monster. Interestingly enough, Karloff wasn't originally intended to play the role; Chaney was originally earmarked but Universal had difficulties negotiating with MGM, and he passed away in 1930 anyhow. Second in line was Lugosi, who was still riding a wave fame from Dracula. Pierce's first tests with Lugosi as the monster were rejected by studio heads and the photos are long lost to cinema lore. Lugosi ended up opting out of the film, since he felt the subsequent makeups obscured his face too much for his liking. (Fussy clients. I've had a few!!). Enter Karloff, the man with the 'good features' found working in the studio commissary. With Pierce's talent and Karloff's creative input,  the monster makeup was finalised in three weeks, and so pop culture history was made.

This got me thinking- guess I should do some posts about halloween makeup, huh?

Here's an idea: I'd like to post a tutorial near the end of the summer and do a give-away for the products I used- not the actual USED makeup- brand new of course! It can be for an original character, classic character, recreation, blacklight fx, pretty much anything. Drag makeup for the gents?- can do!! Leave a comment and help me decide!... ;)


  1. I think that a tutorial on any kind of makeup would be greatly appreciated! We, on the receiving end, can't be picky if you are willing to share your talents!

    And I loved reading the background on the Frankenstein movie. I never knew all of that about the choices of actors. Thanks so much for telling us!

  2. You're so welcome! Movie lore is fascinating. :)

    Can't wait to trial some makeups to share!