Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grab yer shovels- it's spring!!

Mmm, longer days, the first robin, and little bulbs peeking up from the newly thawed ground. It must be spring. Ready, set, PANIC!!!! Am I on target to finish all the 2011 props on time? Heh heh... not. even. close. And this is about to take up even more precious time:

This is our front garden a few summers back, and it's on the docket for a major facelift this year. Some material is failed to wow me last season, so we'll be switching much of it up. 

rare wildlife: the bottle wielding garden weasel

ornamental weeping cherry- this tree makes me so happy!

rhodo bed
As much as I love the garden, as much peace and serenity it brings, it's also a big ol' pain in the buttocks every October. We've tried to disguise it with landscape fabric, mountains of leaves, and fog, but the cornea burning streetlight directly in front gives it away every time... as well as kill any blacklight effects. Anyone have a creative solution??


  1. I hear ya on hiding the landscape. I keep joking with husband that there has got to be a safe way to dye everything gray in October. :D

    Good luck with your project!


  2. LOL! Market a gray dye and I'll buy it by the gallon! ;)

  3. I don't have a solution, unless it is what has happened to my garden the past two years. .burned out due to too much sun, so it looks dead. .left scraggly, it look perfect for Halloween.

    Your garden in lush color is gorgeous though! And your little pumpkin on the sidewalk is SO precious!! :-)