Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thrift store SCORE!!

There's a thrift store near us that holds monthly silent auctions, and once in a while they have some real primo stuff. Usually it's the vintage kitchenware or a dazzling piece of costume jewlery I'm after, but the most exciting thing ever was finding this lot o' Ghostbusters toys in the glass case.

The bidding started at $15, and everytime I had a chance to stop by and check my book-bid, the same guy had bid me up by a lousy dollar. This carried on all month. Determined to win, I hightailed it to the store on the last day to put a final bid in minutes before auction closing, and came away with the box for $52.00. WIN!!!

As if that wasn't a great enough haul, this treasure was on the open stock shelf for two bucks; a 1964 battery operated coin bank in decent working condition. To be honest, the box is way cooler than the bank, which is an undetailed black box with a teeny blue plastic arm that pops up to grab the coin.


So, who wants to come over to play?! :D


  1. What a fun story! That sounds as thrilling as sniping a last minute deal on ebay. :) I love that little car!

  2. Oh brother had that 'Thing' bank when we were kids. I used to love that thing. I was enthralled with that little hand that came up and snatched the money...ha! I am obviously easily amused! The packaging is fab too! Great score!

  3. What an awesome find- I love coming across stuff like that.

  4. AWESOME collection, I love going to thrift shops!