Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Walpurgisnacht: Halloween 2.0!!

The end of April marks Walpurgisnacht, the northern European and Scandinavian celebration of pagan origins. Customs vary from country to country, but modern festivities commonly involve revelers dressed as witches feasting and dancing around bon fires to officially welcome spring, celebrate fertility and drive away evil spirits. Sounds like a good party!

Disney famously portrayed Walpurgisnacht in the Night On Bald Mountain sequence from Fantasia. I didn't even realize this until mumsy pointed it out... but I do remember the Demon scaring the pants off me as a kid!

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  1. Well that sounds like a grand time indeed. I've never even heard of that celebration. (The celebration that shall not be named or spelled...because it's too dang hard...ha) Thanks for stopping by my blog. Nothing like some fellow Halloween Heads dropping in to really lift my 'spirits'! Har Har! And blogs like yours are exactly why I love it here so much! :o)