Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In the beginning...

I grew up in a *cough wheeze* normal family; a happy kid with a sunny disposition. More Gidget than Wednesday Addams. But something happened along the way. Was it the thrill of riding Haunted Barrel Works at Centreville amusement park? Too many hours spent watching MJ's Thriller video with my girlfriends? Fooling around with Milton Bradley's Ouija Board at recess- and the ghost stories that accompanied it? Perhaps it was the rush of turning my parents' basement rec room into a 'haunted house' every summer. I'd tape paper bats on strings to the ceiling, likewise paper 'knives' to my Raggedy Anne doll (shriek!), and play (unintentionally) hilarious homemade sound effect cassetes for good measure. Slightly low tech. The neighborhood kids were largely unimpressed.
In any event, the Scary Seed within me germinated like a mutant pumpkin in a mad scientist's lab.

Luckily, the fine catch I married also carries the Halloween Gene (very scientific, trust me). And so, we build haunted houses together-and the neighborhood kids are ALWAYS impressed.

Old timer at Haunted Barrel Works... with the horrifying fire extinguisher of terror!!
Stay tuned... things are going to get frightful!


  1. I too have a Halloween Gene. So does my husband. Love Halloween & all things having to do with it...paranormal as well. Not too sure if I would ever mess with a Ouija board though, lol. Can't wait to read more :)

  2. Awesome- we must be related! ;)
    I have much to share, just as soon as I have a few victims, erm... followers.