Friday, November 11, 2011

Ein Liebster Award fur mich?!

It's so deeply humbling to get recognition from someone you admire, and The Deadwood Cemetary falls squarely into that category for me. I can always count on delicious eye candy and inspiring musings over at the DC. Thank you so much, October Boy, for the generous appointment of this award!!!

And so before the music fades and the producer offstage gives the wrap it up signal, I shall move on...
The rules say that I'm to pass this shiny award on to five deserving blogs who currently have under 100 followers. *drumroll* And the Liebsters go to:

~ Scary Mary's. I am convinced we were seperated at birth. Vintage goodness and monster heaven in one blog- LOVE!

~ All Together Dead. This is definetly of the most elegant Halloween blogs I've seen. Always a pleasure to read.

~ The Quirk Shop. The tag line says it all; Growing up is mandatory. Growing up is optional. Hella fun blog.

~ Addicted to Halloween. Anyone who drives a 1973 hearse IS addicted to Halloween... and I tip my hat to that!

~ Pumpkinbrain. I've picked up more than a few ideas from this blog. :)


  1. Thanks so much for the award! I shall do my part to pass on the love when work slows down a bit.

  2. Wow! Thank you for bestowing the award on li'l old humble me. Glad that the Quirk Shop helps others to realize their lifelong dreams of *NOT* growing up. Here's to FUN, all the livelong day!
    ~ Ellie